Sunday, December 11, 2011

For Lab C I taught Toukeball and picked to focus on reaction and how to be prepared for balls to be caught. I really felt strong about my teaching performance for this lab and I am starting to understand my strengths and also my weaknesses while teaching. I wish I remembered to go back to my technology because I had everything set up and had the students prepared to use the heart rate monitors. I also realized that rushing to get all the activities in the lesson can't turnout bad and get everyone confused and hurt your lesson in the end. Sometimes you just need to shorten the lesson and continue with the lesson the next class. This is a good learning experience for me to better myself performance in the future. You can always fix or do better the next time you teach!





I know I might not be the best with getting things done outside teaching, but when I'm in the spot like I feel right at home. I feel I am just getting better everytime I teach and love to do so. Just give me a sport or activity and I'll give it a shot to teach. Tchoukball was just another challenge that I met. Just try to teach with confidence in my heart and a smile on my face. Teaching through the physical is what I try to go by. Really there is nothing you can't teach through it so why now do it?!?
Questions anyone? I love questions from students because it let's me know a couple of things. One the students are interested in my activity which makes me feel good that someone is taking notice and wants to know more about what I'm teaching. Two it let's me clarify what I am telling them so the next time I go to teach something to students or just show someone how to do something I can let them understand what I'm looking for the first time.

Reaction might be a little hard to look for unless you actually look for what helps reaction. This is why I pick the athletic stance because alot of sports use it and it is a familiar skill to many athletes. This is why I pick it because you can relate it to many different sports around the world. Better be ready, because if you can't react you will lose.

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