Sunday, December 11, 2011

Lab D

Lab D Video Part 2







One of my cues was "head". I wanted the students to get comfortable with having their head down and parellel to the floor of the pool. This is because during the day, students are upright and are use to this body position. While doing any kind of stroke in the pool, you as a swimmer will want to have your head down because it forces your body to aline with the water and make one more areodynamic.
Flexibility was my key element to talk about during lab D. Flexibility comes into play in almost everything students and everyone does in life. I wanted to go over why flexibility is important and life and wanted to get the students to stretch their flexibility after their dynamic warm up. I was going to use noodles for the tool to help them stretch, but I miss in communication had me react to this small problem in the lesson plan and hand them use their towels to help them stretch. I'm not just quick on my feet...I'm quick with my mind haha
My partner in the teach and I decided to break up the students in to two classes in the beginning of the class. We put colored tape on their arms to help symbolize their different teams so when we began the game of water polo we can get right into the game. As I go through learning to be a teacher I find trying to get students prepared for example a game like water before the class, it makes everything easier to go through the lesson at hand.
I'm not going to lie, I felt a little uncomfortable teaching in the pool. For one I had little room to move on my side (plus me being a be guy didn't help) and I had to teach the students from above them forcing me to talk down literally. I kind of reminded me of St. Mary's when I had to teach the elementary kids. But I didn;t really want to kneel down to their level because I knew they were not little kids, they are college students. Even though some times they do act like little kids haha. But after it all it was just a learning experience and eventhough I complained about the pool I'm glad I got to teach out of my element.
I actually looked forward to one thing to teaching in the pool. I knew I could use my surrounding to help illustrate what I was looking for when teaching the front crawl. I remembered what my aquatics instructor did when teaching the front crawl and tried to use his lesson to help my lesson. I hope if he saw my lesson it would of made him proud!!!

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