Tuesday, September 27, 2011

This was lab A 2 basically teaching the same skill I taught in lab A 1. This time I was more prepared for it and tried to improve it. I felt, when watching the video I was much more relazed and more smooth than the first time. I need to hersitate less when talking still. I felt I was loud and the students understood what I was asking from them. I wanted to do another drill during the 4 mins but I lost time during it.I need to keep track of time better when teaching. Maybe I should wear a watch during my lessons. Watching yourself teach helps you impove on your teaching skills and helps you improve on mistakes made in the past.

Transcript of the Video:

To Class

Alright class I’m Mr. Torres, Mr. T I’m your Phys Ed uh coach again today and we are gonna be reviewing the long snap. So when you guys were younger, even the girls, you guys ever wanted to play football. Who wanted to be a quarterback? Wide receiver? How about a long snapper? Long snapping is a is a very important position just like any running back, wide receiver, quarterback alright. Boch a long snap, touchdown, that’s what happened against the Cowboys alright.  So what we are gonna do is break up into partners.  So can you guys be partners, partners, partners, partners, partners.

To Eric

Can you help my demonstrate

To Class

Alright guys pay attention for a second. We are gonna start the progression of long snapping again so when you are holding the ball you are gonna hold it just like you are gonna throw a regular football on the laces alright. So its gonna be over the head and the ball is gonna be straight up and down and you are gonna throw it to your partner’s chest. Follow through with your thumb down alright. Good. Make sure you follow through forward so it lines up you don’t want to follow through and smack the person right next to you.  So what we are gonna do is have one partner on the green and the other parent on the second green alright going this way so over here. So we are gonna be passing it back and forth. I want the ball to be on this side alright. Ready. Beginning. To the chest.

To Three Students

Can you guys do a three way to I can walk around.

To Class

Make sure its over your head straight up and down. Hold on a second guys. You don’t have to jerk it back. Bring it up and down above your head and just push it forward. Down jerk it back. Just push it forward alright start throwing again. Throw it toward the chest. Alright guys stop now we are gonna have a little competition between the two partners. Alright its gonna be on the number system if you get it to the chest its gonna be two two points alright so how many points for the chest? Good. Either shoulder you throw it to its one point. Head is also one. Anywhere else zero. So how many for shoulders. Good Head. Chest. Good Alright ready. Beginning competition. Don’t have to step into the throw only move your arms here. So legs stay stationary and just throw forward. Alright guys stop who one which side one. Alright guys bring it in. Good Alright next time we are gonna get in the actual position so we are gonna be down in the long snap and snap it back alright so which uh which special teams teams is long snap in punt. Good nice job today guys.

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