Friday, September 30, 2011

255 questions Chapters 2 and 4

Chapter 2 Questions:

3) Prerequisites- involve having the physical abilities to do the skill
Clear idea of the task- Students will perform according to their cognitive understanding of how to perform a task.
Implication for the teacher- Making sure students have an accurate motor program from your communication.
Motivational disposition to the skill- Design tasks that capture students attention
Practice- Practice is necessary for students to use information on how to do the skill.
Feedback- Give feedback and correct the skills given to the students

4) An open skill is a skill regulated by variable changing events in the enviroment. A closed skill is a skill where the environment is stable from one time to another. A discrete skill has a clear beginning and end, and a serial skill is a series of discrete skills.

Chapter 4 questions:

2) The teacher can improve the clarity of communication by :
Orient the learner
Sequence the presentation in logical order
Give examples and non examples
personalize the presentation
repeat things difficult to understand
Draw on the personal experiences of students
Check for understanding
Present material dynamics

3) The demonstration should be accurate. If possible the demonstration should be done by a student. The teacher should used organizational format students will use for practice. Important information should be emphasized. The information should be proven why it is important. Students understanding should be checked.

5) Good skills are accurate, brief, and critical to the skill being performed.

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