Monday, February 14, 2011

Observation 1

             Observing the students from St. Mary's, I noticed differences in motor behavior and social skills between the them. I believe there were noticeable differences when it came to gender and grade level of the students. For example I noticed the older girls at St. Mary's wanted to be with their friends and did not want to be seperated from them. There was also a big difference with the students abilities when it came to the crafts we did. Most of the Pre-K students needed help writing messages in their Valentines Cards. The older kids that were in the Pre-K classes doing the same activities used their more developed abilities to help the Pre-K students.
              When looking around the gymnasium I noticed the different motor activities each group was doing. Depending on how old the students were depended on how advanced the game they were playing. The Pre-K students stuck with simple games like tag and simon says and the older students played soccer and jump rope and also basketball.

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