Monday, January 31, 2011

First Assignment Ch. 1

                Fundamental skill development and assesment is so important to our profession and health of our students in many ways. By developing skills and assessing them in a certain time period we are ensuring a postive step in developing a physically educated person. A physically educated person falls in the categories of physically fit and physically active which every year we find our students becoming less and less. Many reports like the Physical Activity and Health: A Report of the surgeon General and Bright Futures in Practice: Physical Activity and Healthy People 2010 all recognize Physical Education in schools is one of the very few ways we can reach out to all children to be physically active on a daily basis. Childhood obesity is on a rapid rise the North America and so is in school and community violence. By having quality programs that challenge and motivate children to be physically active, we are taking the right steps toward reducing this critical issues in our communities. By teaching skill development to children like walking to running, running to leaping, and etc. we are building the children's skill levels for more specialized skills in the future. Before introducing the specialized movement skills, first the fundamental movement skills must be develope and after development refined and assessed. This is crucial when teaching children in our profession.

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