Thursday, September 8, 2011

Teaching and Adapting

1) In the Teaching-Learning Process you need to develop the content in which you are teaching to what you want the learner to basically learn. To make sure the student has learned the new skill you taught them mentally and physically, as a teacher we assess the students performance.
5) In the Teaching-Learning Process, as a teacher you need to present to the class or students the tasks effectively so the students have a clear understanding of what is asked of them. Now that the teacher has explained the task in hand, the teacher will need to have a plan of how he or she will give the students time to practice and experience the task.
7) The teacher needs to understand the performance of the student all depends on learning environment or the rate of how the students is learning the task. The teacher needs to mold the class he how fast or slow the students are learning the task and give corrective feedback based on how the students progress on the task

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