Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Cowboy Roundup

For Lab 3 our theme was Western so most of the SUNY Cortland Students dressed up as cowboys and cowgirls. It was alot of fun to work with the kids this week because they really loved the outfits. I worked with the Pre K again which I enjoyed. I made up a game called River Crossing which the kids seemed to really enjoyed it, especially at the end of the activity due to the fact I had them MOOO!!! like a cow when they got to the other side of the river. After my activity I got one of the Pre K kids who seemed not to want to participate in any games for the day to do an activity with me which he wanted to do. The activity was just to swing a jump rope, which to us might seem simple and not intertaining at all but to the Pre K kids to be the most fun one could have. It is remarkable to watch a kid to enjoy the simple things in life. 

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